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Every hack you need for finding the best airline ticket deals

Everybody thinks they’ve got a tip when it comes to scoring the best deals on trips: book flights on a Tuesday, clear your cache so “they” don’t know you really want the flight, book hotel and airfare together, book four months in advance—no four days in advance. Ugh. The mixed signals are enough to set anyone crazy and make them just book what they see when they see it, deal or no deal.

6 tips for loving solo travel

For some people, the idea of traveling somewhere solo sounds sad and lonely, while for others of us, it sounds like freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. For those of you who haven’t tried it yet and aren’t sure, here are some tips for ways to do it and love it.

Postcards from the Pyramids

Sometimes you dream about a place so much, fantasize about yourself in it for so long, that by the time you reach it, the “wow” you expected to feel is really more like a “meh.” Well that was absolutely not the case with the Pyramids. In this case, I think the experience topped the fantasies.

New on the blog: Style Inspiration

Now that I’m back to blogging, it’s time to instate some new features, one being Style Inspiration. When I travel, I want to blend in, look like I belong, and part of the fun of that for me is finding outfits that are en mode in said destination. Or buying them when I get there. So, from now on I’ll be pulling style inspiration from every place I go and rounding up the products and noting where you can find them. Next up: Montauk…stay tuned.

4 tips for packing lighter

I’m really into good travel products. So much so that I write packing guides based on the gear I love the most. Here’s the latest one I wrote for Mariner magazine, Holland America Cruise’ Line’s private print publication. It’s my first piece in a glossy travel mag and I’m excited!