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10 biggest holiday travel mistakes & how to avoid them

It’s about that time. Holiday time, which is either one of two things for most people: the most wonderful time of the year or the most dreaded time of the year. But even if you like the holidays, the travel that comes with it isn’t always the travel that has us counting down the days on our calendar and getting excited about all of the things we’re going to do.

Every hack you need for finding the best airline ticket deals

Everybody thinks they’ve got a tip when it comes to scoring the best deals on trips: book flights on a Tuesday, clear your cache so “they” don’t know you really want the flight, book hotel and airfare together, book four months in advance—no four days in advance. Ugh. The mixed signals are enough to set anyone crazy and make them just book what they see when they see it, deal or no deal.

4 of the craziest things I’ve done for an Instagram photo

Most bloggers or IGers won’t tell you all the nonsense they’ve done for a shot, but they’ve all done it. Because nothing in life is ever as perfect as a curated Instagram feed makes it look. And that doesn’t mean the experiences people post about aren’t real, but we’re not always keeping it real about what exactly those experiences entailed. So this is me keeping it real.