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Postcards from Tobago

There’s beauty and color and joy to be found in many places around the world, but for me, I find the most of it in Tobago. From the un-overrun beaches with perfectly teal waters to the warm, family-like hospitality to the best-ever homemade coconut ice cream, there’s a lot to love about this place.

Postcard from Culver City

I was back in California recently for an actual visit instead of a wedding-based blur and I actually got a chance to enjoy old habits, namely In n’ Out (more on that later), sunsets and funny little palm trees. They look a little like they got shaved at the bottom but it wouldn’t be Los Angeles without them.

Postcard from Bahrain

This is a magical tree. It grows in the middle of the Bahraini desert near Jebel Dukhan all by its lonesome with no known water source. Naturally, tourists flock to see this Tree of Life, some tagging the 400-year-old wonder with love notes (but now there’s a guard of sorts patrolling to prevent further damage).