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5 things I won’t travel without

I’m not exactly sure what it is about travel products that make me the kind of excited that comes with Christmas, but I could test, try and talk about adventure paraphernalia all day long. But let’s face it, everything can’t make it on every trip or I’d be going completely against my endless advocacy for packing light. There are however, a handful of things that I always pack for a trip—my version of the essentials.

4 tips for packing lighter

I’m really into good travel products. So much so that I write packing guides based on the gear I love the most. Here’s the latest one I wrote for Mariner magazine, Holland America Cruise’ Line’s private print publication. It’s my first piece in a glossy travel mag and I’m excited!

Post-flight rejuvenation

I never want to look haggard after a flight and, I assume, neither do most people. Although, for the mother and daughter travelers who boarded my last flight wearing matching fleece pajamas with polar bears in Santa hats…