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What to see and do in Tobago

It may be that I’m a little biased toward this sweet isle I spent much of my life in, but it’s still pure fact that Tobago is a charming, untapped Caribbean island.

5 places to hit in Cairo

If you haven’t been to Egypt, something is missing from your life. Whether you think so or know it or not. It’s the kind of place that almost seems to add a piece to life’s puzzle in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. Cairo can’t be summed up in a blog post—its history runs too deep and its culture is too colorful. But since all I’ve got is a blog post, I’ll work with what I’ve got.

Postcards from the Pyramids

Sometimes you dream about a place so much, fantasize about yourself in it for so long, that by the time you reach it, the “wow” you expected to feel is really more like a “meh.” Well that was absolutely not the case with the Pyramids. In this case, I think the experience topped the fantasies.

Postcards from Hamburg

There’s something about Europe that’s just automatically charming. Maybe the architecture, the cobblestone, the history, (sometimes the people). I spent five years living in Germany as a child but never made it to Hamburg until this week, and at first blush, it’s beautiful.

Weekend Away: Two days in York, Maine

Whenever I flee New York City for a weekend, slowing down is the primary goal, finding good food a very close second. Turns out, Maine is great for both. Even if you don’t live for lobster (the crustacean is so prevalent here, that even McDonalds serves up a seasonal McLobster sandwich), America’s northeasternmost sea-loving state is never short on charm—and York is one town there that does charm best.