Fall travel wardrobe essentials for your next trip

Sadly, the time for summertime travel is sort of over now that the leaves are changing in the Northeast and daylight savings is 12 days away (I know, I felt the same way when I found out). If you’re anything like me and commit to all your vacations happening where there’s a beach, anytime is a good time for warm weather escapes. But, it is almost fall, which may mean Thanksgiving travels, which may mean you won’t be bikini-clad and sunning by the sea.

Fall weather can be tricky—sometimes it’s warmer than it’s supposed to be, sometimes it’s colder than you signed up for at this point in the year. So when it comes to fall travel, it’s important to pack things that work well in layers and will come through whichever way the weather swings.

Here are some of my go-to travel wardrobe essentials for fall.

A cute sweater

Photo credit: Anthropologie.com

You can never really go wrong with a simple, cute sweater. I find sweaters like this one from Anthropologie perfect for fall travel because if it’s a warmer day, you’re all set with this and no jacket, and if it’s a cooler day, layer with a light trench and be on your way.

A cool trench

Photo credit: Asos.com

Speaking of a light trench, I’m a big fan of this one from Asos. It’s simple without being boring, probably won’t wrinkle too much when you pack it and the rich olive color works as a neutral that can be worn with most of whatever’s in your suitcase.

A not-basic little black dress

Photo credit: Zara.com

Little black dresses are a life staple, but they’re also a travel must. And, if you choose wisely, like with this one from Zara, you can wear it with flats if you need to look nice but not too dressy, heels if the occasion calls for it, or with tights and boots if it’s too cold for trying to be cute.

Black oxfords

Photo credit: Amazon.com

I have to admit, it’s taken me a little while to come around to this trend of women wearing men’s style shoes, but walking the streets of Paris, every girl had these on. And yes, I do trust French women for fashion, but more than that, it’s the perfect shoe for in between weather, when it’s too cold for open-toe but not quite cold enough for a whole boot. Plus, they take up less suitcase space, and this one by G.H. Bass (very surprisingly) is extremely comfortable if you’re planning a lot of walking.

A big scarf

Photo credit: Aritzia.com

A scarf is one of those things I absolutely never travel without. Even on warm weather trips, I’ll grab a light one to wear on the plane or if it gets a little cool for dining al fresco. This one from Aritzia is perfect for fall because it’s thick enough to stand on it’s own if it’s just a little on the cool side, or if it feels more like winter than fall, add a jacket and you’ll be good to go.

Fall nails

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Last but not least (because nails are part of your fall wardrobe too), get a perfect fall nude like this one from Essie, called Clothing Optional. It’s classy without being dull and because of the color, it wears well with absolutely anything, which is ideal since most of us don’t have time to be changing nail polish on our travels.