Inside Grenada’s Spicemas, a Caribbean carnival of a different flavor

Arthur Daniel /

If you’ve ever set foot in a Caribbean carnival, then you’ve experienced the truest form of the region’s spirit and soul. But if you’ve never set foot in Grenada for Spicemas, then you’ve never experienced Jab Jab, the most elemental form of Carnival bacchanalia that ever was.

Outsiders would be forgiven for drawing similarities across Caribbean carnivals: beautiful women, scanty costumes, hips gyrating to sounds of soca music, breeze blowing coconut trees in the background, rum. But Grenada, though it has all of that, claims a Carnival distinctly its own. One with a flavor not found in any other pot. Spicemas in Grenada is rootsy—it’s uncommercialized and full-blooded.

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