Here’s how to plan your next Instagram photoshoot

Swimsuit by Tavik @

Since Instagram is my favorite idle hobby, I’ve practiced and explored and tried to figure out all the best ways to take better Instagram photos (see how I did @tararielle). There’s always more to learn, but I’ve figured at least a few things out and shared it with the lovely people in, who interviewed me to find out all my best photoshoot tips. And P.S., the suit in this photo is by Tavik and you can find it at

Here’s a look at the interview…

The Great Wall of China veiled in fog, the bright blue waters of Pigeon Point, vibrant shots of Machu Picchu — these are the images you’ll see on expert traveler Tara Donaldson’s feed. One look at her Instagram had us going, “How does she do it?!”

Luckily, we got the chance to ask her all about creating a top-notch Instagram feed — everything from picking the right spot and how she decides what outfits to wear, to the right way to approach a stranger and ask them to take your picture.

BIKINI: How do you pick the perfect spot for a photoshoot?

TARA DONALDSON: A location for a photoshoot definitely picks me, rather than the other way around. I like a lot of color in my photos, so I’ll always be drawn to a place that’s really colorful and vibrant. Photoshoots are best done where the backdrop isn’t busy, where there’s really one dominant color, and you can stand out against it…

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*Keepin’ it real: sent me the swimsuit to try, but the interview is all my own insight that I shared for free.