7 experiences every traveler should have in Bermuda

Bermuda has long been known for its pink sand and postcard perfection, but the 21-square-mile isle has never had more experiences worth traveling for.

For one, the 35th America’s Cup is in full swing on the island and it’s drawn sailors from around the world and spectators to match, plus it’s gotten the attention of those watching from afar who haven’t been to Bermuda but are now doing frenzied searches for flights.

And those hunting for airfares will find themselves in luck because Bermuda’s also never had more flights bringing people from abroad. JetBlue recently upped its flights to Bermuda from seasonal to year-round out of Boston, and will extend them through the winter out of New York after a 47 percent increase in demand last year—and because it knows the island’s onto something. For East Coasters, the short two-hour flight means Summer Fridays can easily translate to Bermuda long weekends.

Whenever anyone’s onto something, it means it’s time to get there before the masses are wholly in on the secret.

Here are seven experiences every traveler in Bermuda should have.

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