These photos from Bermuda will give you major wanderlust

To be honest, for a long time I never thought about Bermuda at all. And then when it did get on my radar, I really had no idea where it was.

Turns out two things are true: one, I’ve been entirely missing out on this gem of an island, and two, it’s the quickest possible journey to paradise from New York City.

Bermuda has long been known for its beaches (especially the pink sand ones—but more on that later), the Bermuda Triangle and for playing host to old people. But the little isle has big things going on and there’s really nothing geriatric about it.

For one, not much beats the one hour and 40 minute travel time from New York (it’s straight east of South Carolina). By the time you take off, eat the free pretzels and close your eyes for a spell, you’re landing. Also, JetBlue just upped its flights to Bermuda, taking them from seasonal to year round, and flights are often less than $300 round trip (yes, really).

Also, on an island that’s less than one mile wide, there are beaches everywhere. And not just any old beaches. The kind that always make world’s-most-beautiful lists. But the best part is, you can always find one that’s not littered with people.

Bermuda has sweet people, more beauty than it knows what to do with and a vibe that’s equal parts fun and with it. It’s a win, and officially my new favorite place.

Here’s a look at some of Bermuda’s beauty. Stay tuned for beaches to check out, what to eat and more in posts to come.