5 of my new favorite travel things

Packing might be the single worst part of travel, but when you have fun stuff to take with you, and more fun stuff to pack it in, it’s like getting your adventure started right.

I write about travel gear often (because I kind of love it), and there are always new treats popping up. Here are a few of my favorite things to tote on travels right now.

1. Soludos

So, I don’t do sneakers unless I’m running or doing Brazilian exercise videos. But I’m also not the silly girl trying to travel in stilettos. So for the in-between, Soludos. The rope-soled espadrilles scream vacation (They get their name from a combination of sol, meaning sun, and salud, or cheers. Cheers to the sun? I’m with it). Also, the whole brand is inspired by travel and made for travel. Plus, they are comfortable. As in walk all over a new city all day without complaining comfortable. Prices aren’t bad either. Guys, don’t fret, there are options for you too. After all, the company was founded by a guy and he rocks the kicks himself.

2. Forestbound Escape bag

Not that I need to be reminded that I’m escaping when I escape, but I’ll be honest, seeing the words scrawled across my travel bag does make things a little extra exciting. And I owe that excitement to Forestbound. Trying to channel the old days when everything was made better and travel was much more glamourous, they made the Escape Canvas Utility Bag. Handles are leather and the bottom has feet to prevent dirt touching your beloved bag, and everything is made right in Forestbound’s Massachusetts studio. It comes in olive and black if the beige isn’t your thing.

3. Flight001 Mini Bar Kit

Photo thanks to: Flight001

What’s travel without a little beverage here and there? And since bars aren’t always handy when you’re out in the beautiful middle of nowhere, maybe take the bar with you. I think the cutest way to do it is with Flight001’s Mini Bar Kit. It comes with four tiny glass bottles, which are kind of like vials, two very petite (and pretty easy to hide; not that I’ve tried to) flasks, a funnel, a spoon to stir your concoction and a cocktail recipe book to figure out what that concoction’s going to be. It’s kind of James Bond-ish, really.

4. Wyeth classic boater hat

OK, I know I have a thing for hats, but they really are fun. They make me feel like an old-time traveler going on the kind of adventure that’s usually accompanied by a steamer trunk and a train, which to me, seems like when travel was more exciting. Also, they actually keep out the sun if you’re into practical. The best one I’ve found recently comes courtesy Wyeth USA. The California brand run by a husband and wife team makes hats for girls and guys and they are simple, stylish and not over-priced, so all good things.

5. Zmodo Greet

So this isn’t technically a travel thing I can tote, but it’s a travel thing. Or a thing for travelers. Basically, Zmodo’s Greet lets you greet people at your door even when you’re not home, so everyone doesn’t have to know you’re not home. Here’s how it works: someone rings your doorbell and it rings on your phone wherever you are in the world and you can answer it and talk to whoever’s standing there, kind of like you were FaceTiming them. If Amazon failed at your two-day delivery and you’re out of town, let’s say, you could answer and tell the delivery guy where to put your package. Even if no one rings the doorbell, you can get video clip alerts when there’s movement near your door so you can see if anything sketch is going on (you can set specific times to get these alerts or turn them off altogether so your phone’s not pinging at inopportune times). This is one of those things that makes it easier to deal with being gone a lot. Especially if you’re the worrying type. If you have a doorbell, you can use it. If not, sorry. But I’ll find something else for you though.

*Note: Zmodo sent me one of these Greets to try, but all opinions and commentary are mine just so we’re clear.