Forget resolutions, make travel goals


The new year usually brings with it the same standard resolutions: get in shape or get in better shape (because we’ve likely all added at least a little holiday chub), spend more time with family/friends/self, save money.

But those things—while all great—are typical and non-specific and usually go out the window by March anyway.

Instead of resolutions, I’ve started making specific individual goals for the year. Some are related to life, some to career, some to yoga poses I want to nail, many to travel.

It’s easier to focus on visiting three new countries as a goal than to set a resolution to “travel more.” Travel more could mean many things and it’s just fuzzy enough that you might not go after it the same as you would a goal of getting to three new countries. It’s like resolving to “lose weight.” That’s much easier to dismiss as another undone New Year’s resolution than deciding to lose 10 pounds before the end of the year.

Every year will bring new experiences, naturally, but I think the best way to toast to 2018 feeling like you killed it in 2017, is by putting to paper (or iPhone note, whatever) what you want to do in the year and hustling to make it happen.

And don’t do yourself a disservice by putting all your major life’s dreams down on the 2017 goal list. If there are certain steps to take in getting where you want to be, put down the ones that are reasonable to attain this year—because even if you surpass that goal, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel like a boss.

Last year, I set my mind to visiting three new countries. I ended up making it to seven and felt blessed that I was able to achieve what I went after.

This year, I have three new countries on my list again, but I’ve also gone a little more specific and called Cuba out as one of the countries and added one continent: Africa. Yes it is huge and has 54 entirely different nations in it, but I kind of want to see them all, so I’d be happy to visit whichever country on the continent I get the opportunity to go to this year.

To me, a new year is an opening to new experiences and a time to decide what at least some of those experiences will be. Whether it’s three new countries or going on a safari or finally visiting family in whichever country they’re living in, travel goals make travel happen.

So, decide whatever it is you want to see/eat/feel/try/experience in 2017, write it down and give every effort to make it happen.