Postcards from Tobago

There’s beauty and color and joy to be found in many places around the world, but for me, I find the most of it in Tobago.

The sweet sister island of Trinidad, and my country of heritage, is easily my favorite place on earth.

From the un-overrun beaches with perfectly teal waters to the warm, family-like hospitality to the best-ever homemade coconut ice cream, there’s a lot to love about this place.

For one, it’s tiny. At just 25 miles long and a little more than 6 miles wide, it’s easy for the island to feel intimate. And it also means you’re hardly ever more than five minutes from a beach (win).

Whether you eat fried fish and bake at roadside cafes or Sunday lunch at Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen built into a tree on the beach, you’ll always feel as though a mother is feeding you (and not much is sweeter than that).

When you swim in the ocean, the water feels like silk and is so clear you’ll see every ripple of the sand beneath your feet, without even putting your head under water.

As the hot sun hits you, you”ll feel the heat of a place that’s pure and fiery and proud.

Tobago also hasn’t sold its soul to tourism. Yes, there are hotels and beach bars and coral reef tours, but the island doesn’t live for the foreigners who come to visit it. Tobago just is.

It’s kind of like that unruffled person who is always true to themselves, who goes about their business and stays happily unfazed way more often than not. That’s Tobago, always simply being Tobago.

Tobago is sweetness undisturbed. And if it was never on your list, add it.