Postcards from Hamburg

There’s something about Europe that’s just automatically charming. Maybe the architecture, the cobblestone, the history, (sometimes the people).

I spent four years living in Germany as a child but never made it to Hamburg until this week, and at first blush, it’s beautiful. I spent the day walking the cobblestone streets past elegant row houses—some old, some rebuilt after World War II bombings—watching the sun reflect off of the very clean windows (something it would be great if New York could take note of) and walking along Außenalster Lake, taking in local life.

There weren’t museums or shops or sites to visit as my first day in the city fell on a holiday (definitely something most people, including me, forget to consider but should be factored in when planning travel), so exploring was the order of the day. Now, at least I have a feel for the city and a taste for the fare.

And the fare that won for the day was truly traditional German food from Brodersen. I had potato soup with bacon to start and wiener schnitzel slathered with creamy mushroom sauce and served with fried potatoes and cucumber salad. It was heavenly. It was hearty and filling and the type of food you might get if a nice German lady invited you into her home for dinner.

I have by no means seen it all yet, but here’s a little look at Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany.