5 things I won’t travel without

I’m not exactly sure what it is about travel products that make me the kind of excited that comes with Christmas, but I could test, try and talk about adventure paraphernalia all day long.

Maybe it’s that I know a trip is forthcoming and the delightful little things that end up in my suitcase are going to make my journey easier (or just make me feel/look/pretend-to-be more glamorous). Either way, I love travel products so much, I’ve written about them here, here and here.

But let’s face it, everything can’t make it on every trip or I’d be going completely against my endless advocacy for packing light.

There are however, a handful of things that I always take on a trip—my version of the essentials. Here they are:

1. Flight 001 Go Clean Wet Suit

So I am a firm believer that being in a bathing suit is some sort of key to untainted joy, so there’s hardly a trip I’ll go on without a bathing suit, or two. And, if I’ve found water, I’ll milk the moments as long as possible, which usually means I go swimming hours before a flight and end up with a wet bathing suit. The smell after a damp suit has been in a plastic bag, in a suitcase, on a plane, for however long, is nothing pretty. But Flight 001 has a bag for that. When you dump a wet bikini or trunks in the bag and draw the string, it seriously never smells, and that brings me even more joy. Find it here.

2. This is Ground Mod Tablet 2

My Mod has made it on every trip I’ve been on since I’ve had it (which only happens to be one right now, but it’s brand new and has already changed my life). It’s never any fun to be the person digging through your bag trying to pull out your passport/headphones/cell phone and it’s really never fun to be behind that person in the security line. To avoid that mess, I put everything in this Mod. It holds my iPad, my passport, my headphones, a charger, a notebook, a regular book and my phone in an easy-access outside pocket. Plus whatever else I can fit in there. But the best part is that the pretty leather folio plays into the glamour look I try to go for. Find it here.

3. Bric’s X-Bag Folding Duffel

There’s probably never been a time I’ve traveled abroad and not shopped. I don’t do cheapie souvenirs, but I like to bring back clothing, jewelry, art or household goods I can use in my regular life and tell people where they came from should they inquire. If you pack light it doesn’t leave much room for extras, but not shopping is not an option, so I always take a duffel I can pack small to go and expand and fill to come back. Bric’s makes one that’s stylish and efficient, and I take mine everywhere. Find it here.

4. Flight 001 Spacepak Lingerie

For those who don’t know, Flight 001 is easily the single coolest travel goods store in the world (and the best place to buy goodies for the travel lover in your life). Another thing this wondrous store has created to fulfill my travel needs is the Spacepak lingerie bag. It does two things: keeps your private garments from the eyes of brazen TSA checkers and keeps your worn underthings separate from clean ones. The double sided bag has room for unworn underwear, bras and like things and another side marked “Laundry” for the things to wash. Brilliant. Find it here.

5. Evian Mineral Water Spray

There’s nothing like a long flight to render us kind of ugly—dull skin, tired eyes, whatever it is. This Evian facial spray doesn’t solve all those problems, but it deals with the dull skin and makes you feel so much fresher than you otherwise would. A few spritzes will leave your skin dewy and bright and your face looking considerably less unpleasant. It’s particularly good if you have someone special collecting you from the airport. Find it here.