Las Vegas: An escape from life as you know it


In a word: Craziness!

Extended backyard visit #2 (I am really working on this backyard adventure thing)…road trip to Las Vegas!

Aah, Vegas. One of those places that fills the heart with excitement at the sound of the name. Well, either excitement, or worry…depending on what kind of mischief your personal Vegas excursions might entail, but for me, excitement.

A brief glimpse into the life of a Vegas adventure: Decide to go on Thursday. Go to work (or don’t…if you’re me) Friday–leave work early (or take your time, paint your nails, take a nap, watch a movie) pack, and hit the road. Arrive late. Eat. Change, go out to party. Fun, fun, fun. Eat. Crawl into bed between 5 and 6 am. Saturday–Wake up groggy somewhere around midday. Eat. Gamble/Shop/Pool/Drink, whatever most strikes your fancy. Chill. Eat. Get ready for partying Round Two. Cutest outfit, hit the club. Wait to get in, or if you’re fancy…skip the line entirely. Fun, fun, fun. Eat. Crash. Sunday–Wake up extra groggy this time now that two rounds is starting to catch you. Eat. Make the slow and traffic ridden trek home, all the while discussing all the bits and pieces of crazy that took place over the course of the trip, looking at the pictures you probably forgot were taken, and cracking up at the hilarity of it all. And then eat again.

Las Vegas, Nevada may not be one of those typical travel destinations. Not one where you stop to see sights, wear a fanny pack and sneakers (although NO destination could ever find me caught dead dressed like that!) and take pictures of endless structures you will never remember the names of. But it is a vacation for your soul. A place where you can forget that you are unemployed/broke/unhappy/bored/single/married (sad, I know) and everything else that is real, get lost in a jungle of fantasy and lies and enjoy yourself completely for just a few days.

It is a temporary escape from life as you know it.