Today, travel came to me

Today I am a traveler, and I haven’t even left home!

Lines of locals and tourists alike littered the streets trying to get into a street food fair in downtown Los Angeles. I am seeing new parts of my own city. Who knew we had a food fair? I get to eat food ALL day?! Definitely my kind of day. I think this might be a small slice of heaven. Its almost like an assembly of all these different countries got together to share their fabulous food with me (and a thousand other people). They even gave me a passport! So what if it was just a little ticket to get stamped at each place so I could win something? I got to “travel” through the culinary world all in one afternoon.

It was enough to satiate my bug, and my appetite for the day. I guess this whole idea of travel being a state of mind and how you can be a traveler in your own home town is true after all.

I drive through downtown Los Angeles all the time and curse the horrid drivers and senseless traffic, but today, that same place turned into a little food sanctuary. Travel really is about new experiences. There are things to be discovered right in my backyard, I just have to find them. And considering that my backyard is currently the only place I can afford to go…I will start looking.

Travel and I have now been separated for 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days (but who’s counting?) so I needed this. I know travel and I will be together again soon, but in effort to prevent a severe travel bug induced meltdown, today travel came to me.