Dream or nightmare?

IMG_2171Now I’m dreaming about traveling?!

Wow. My body is so acutely aware of the lack of traveling it has experienced of late, that if I am not traveling in my waking life, it is content to travel in various stages of REM.

The dream involved booking a trip to Dubai, preparing, packing, and getting ready, only to decide that I couldn’t manage the trip due to a lack of funds. WHAT??

Did I not have my credit card? Isn’t this supposed to be a dream? A place where all my greatest wants and wishes are manifested? Wow. I can’t even get on a plane in a dream! That must have been a nightmare.

Anyhow, turn the TV on. Travel Channel…of course. Can’t I be content to live vicariously through Anthony Bourdain as he eats freshly caught fish doused in coconut on a Gaugin painting-esque atoll somewhere in French Polynesia before swimming with black-tipped sharks? No! I want to live vicariously through myself! (The Dos Equis guy definitely had the right idea…) I want to eat fresh fish on a remote island and swim with sharks too! On second thought…he can keep the swimming with sharks part…but I want the rest!

Tantrums. Must be another stage in this disease. Sigh. Maybe Andrew Zimmern can raise my spirits…but somehow I doubt that. That was definitely a nightmare.