This is a disease

photo (4)So you have to know you’ve got a problem when the ever repetitive (and usually annoying) sound of the security announcement at the airport conjures up an overwhelming need to travel somewhere, ANYWHERE.

“This is a security announcement…” Sigh.

Why am I here again? Oh right, picking someone up. What if I just get on a plane? Terminal 4? Quantas. Australia? Perfect. I’m ready to go, I’m not working so it’s not like I need to ask for the time off…I can go. Crap. Forgot to bring my passport! I should start carrying that thing on me like a driver’s license to avoid situations like this. Nevermind the small fact that I have no personal effects with me to speak of, but that would have been easily remedied with a few trips to the oh-so-fantastic Sportsgirl store. Yes, I could have gone straight from the Sydney airport to Sportsgirl. Actually, knowing the abundant availability of shopping in that city, I may have even found some trendy shops right in the airport!

Aaahh, it would have been great. Sigh. I guess I will just collect my passenger and head home.

Can I go somewhere? Anywhere? I need to have my travel fix, it has been three whole months since I last set foot on a plane! This is a disease…