Weekend Away: Two days in El Salvador

View from Barcelo.The view from Beto's.at-the-artisan-marketGoodies at Lula Mena.More goodies at Lula Mena.Lago de CoatepequeLooking out at the lake.view-from-la-pampa

All I knew about El Salvador before I went was pupusas which, shame on me. And shame on you too if you’re nodding in agreement that that’s all you know about it. The country is warm in more ways than one, it’s tropical, it’s laid back and some people and companies there are doing some really creative, innovative things, like my new favorite jeweler Lula Mena.

What to see and do in Tobago

Pigeon Point.
Pigeon Point.
Glass bottom boats at Store Bay.
No Man's Land.
Lunch at Jemma's.
Mural art in Scarborough.
Views from Fort George.

It may be that I’m a little biased toward this sweet isle I spent much of my life in, but it’s still pure fact that Tobago is a charming, untapped Caribbean island.

Postcards from Tobago

Pigeon Point, TobagoPigeon Point, TobagoPigeon Point, TobagoGrange Bay, TobagoPigeon Point, TobagoPigeon Point, TobagoFort Bennett, TobagoSwallows Beach, Tobagotobago1

There’s beauty and color and joy to be found in many places around the world, but for me, I find the most of it in Tobago. From the un-overrun beaches with perfectly teal waters to the warm, family-like hospitality to the best-ever homemade coconut ice cream, there’s a lot to love about this place.

5 places to hit in Cairo

Outside the Egyptian Museum.Goodies at the bazaar!Sugar cane juice.Um Ali at Sequoia.Pigeon, kofta, veggies, hummus at Farahat.

If you haven’t been to Egypt, something is missing from your life. Whether you think so or know it or not. It’s the kind of place that almost seems to add a piece to life’s puzzle in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. Cairo can’t be summed up in a blog post—its history runs too deep and its culture is too colorful. But since all I’ve got is a blog post, I’ll work with what I’ve got.